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 ~ Promoting the Business of Goats ~ 


"My goats are my life! I'd like them to be my livelihood."

Whether you just want your goats to pay for their own feed or you want them to create real income, you can benefit from the wisdom of those who have already learned how. Making Money With Goats contains dozens of ideas from dozens of sources for all the success strategies. Raising goats can add to your self-sufficiency and independence, but they can also bring in some income if you know how!

To save money
To improve management (so you save lives and vet bills)
To make goat products and projects
To market the things you've made

Helping goat owners get profitable since 1993!

New SIXTH edition includes updated contacts, breeds, parasite info, and more new information in most chapters:
Nineteen chapters     Three appendices
Many illustrations       Black & white photos

If you don't find something inside worth more than the the purchase price, return it within 30 days for a courteous refund.

Contents     Comments From Readers

Ellie Winslow
Ellie Winslow

About the Author
Making Money With Goats Book Cover

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Hardcopy Book 6th edition
236 pages ~ 8.5" X 11"
Spiral bound, soft cover
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Chapter Headings:

1. Getting Started with Goats - Choosing the breed for your purposes, choosing "good" goats, Health and Conformation
2. A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned - Saving money on: Feed, Feeders, Supplies, Veterinary costs
3. Livestock Guardian Dogs - Purpose and breeds
4. Antibiotics - How They Work and How to Use Them - Penicillin, Sulfonamide, Safe effective use of Antibiotics
5. Parasites - What they do to your goats, What they do to your pocketbook, Testing, Doing your own fecals, Pictures of goat parasite eggs, Wormers and how to use them
6. Most Common Health Problems and How to Deal With Them -Skin stuff, Swellings, Hair stuff, Coughing/runny nose, Diarrhea & vomiting, Neurological symptoms, Udder/milk problems (mastitis), Goat down!
7. Kidding - What to expect , Pictures of a birth (Boer), Birth positions, Hypocalcemia and Ketosis
8. Using Goat Milk - How to get good milk, clipping and the CMT, For Drinking, Selling for human consumption, Selling for animal consumption, Raising calves, pigs and lambs on goat milk, Marketing goat milk for exotics' use , Other farmyard animal use of goat milk, Making cheese, Goat Shares, Other recipes, Making Soap
9. Having a Full Fledged Dairy
10. Using Other Goat Products, Meat, Skins, Fiber, Fertilizer - Using goat meat, recipes for sausage, jerky and other meat dishes, How to make buckskin, Using Angora and Cashmere fiber, Fertilizer
11. Meat Goat Operations
12. Breeding Stock - Producing and selling show-winning breeding stock
13. Judging and Linear Appraisal
14. Miscellaneous Uses of Goats - Packing, Carts, Arts and Crafts, and Miscellaneous services
15. Culling
16. Making a Business Plan - No business is a real business without one
17. Marketing - Making your Marketing plan, Presentation and Reputation
18. Taxes
19. Comments from Those Who Are Succeeding 
Appendix I - Plans for feeders, milk stand tack box
Appendix II - Useful charts forms, and conversions for goat keeping
Appendix III - Informational handouts to mentor those buyers new to goats and their care. These are condensed summaries of common 'newbie' questions and materials to assist in commerce

Boy with Nubian kid

Comments From Readers:

A girl was selling A LOT of goat stuff and had about 15 goat books for sale and I took them all. BUT...Once I got all the books home and got looking through them I couldn't believe how much more complete "Making Money With Goats" was when I compare it to all the others. Yours sits on my coffee table for quick reference. I have had some problems in the past 3 weeks and there isn't a day that I don't come back to your book. I'm so glad I get to tell you about it because it is a value and a valuable book to have. When ever someone new to goats comes to ask me questions, and they ask what are good goat books I tell them, "If you only have a chance to buy just one book, this is the one that is going to do you the best for information and problems." I love your book and I wish it were the first book I bought. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE YOUR BOOK. I'm so glad I have the opportunity to tell you!

Yours is the best book around for goat care and information. I actually had a copy, but gave it to the buyer of my Nigerian herd. She was so pleased to get it. I still have my full sized herd and have missed having your go-to source book around.

I have your book, it is THE MUST HAVE OF GOAT BOOKS!!!! If anyone thinks you have a complete library of goat books and this book is not in it, then your wrong, this is a GREAT BOOK and the one I always come back to with any questions of what to do when problems come up. I welcome anyone to email me if in doubt of how valuable this reference is. For the new goat owner you can't do without it. Most satisfied of all customers of this book, and I also encourage you to look at her other links.

What a great book!!! Has tons of information. I love it.

Kennon Feaster-EytchisonI have been breeding goats for long enough, what could I possibly learn from a book for “beginners”. Boy was I wrong!

I use “Making Money with Goats” as a reference manual. For me personally, it is the ultimate resource guide. If I am unsure on a specific dosage of meds, or which medicine gives the best results for a specific issue, I merely flip the page and the answer is there before my eyes on the pages of this book.

As a breeder, I appreciate the handouts, and provide copies of these for individuals who are either purchasing their 1st goats from me, or those coming for advice. I also recommend to everyone who purchases goats from me to buy this book.

I have also attended Ellie’s marketing seminar. I come from a professional background, and I have always understood the importance of marketability, but Ellie puts it into layman’s terms. She uses real life examples and you actually can “see” her marketing strategies at work. She teaches you to be able to explain in a few short words, how your customers will benefit from what you have to offer. I have used these tips to successfully market my own animals with tremendous results. You will not see marketing in the same light after reading Ellie’s books. When you put her strategies into effect, the results will be all the proof you need!

Kennon Feaster-Eytchison 
Odeon, Homedale, Idaho

Just wanted to drop you a note about your book, Making money with Goats. I have read it cover to cover (hardly put it down) and I am very impressed. First, I was struck by the obvious knowledge you posses on your topic. I have read many books on livestock in general and goats in particular and found yours to be one of the better written. The information contained is factual and remarkably free of personal opinion. Each topic was addressed in a sensible, easy to follow manner which did not leave me with more questions than when I started. The information, as far as I can tell, is accurate and factual. One example I will give is regarding livestock guardian dogs. Another book (which claims only to provide information on keeping goats, without the addition of a business plan), states that Border Collies make good LGD's. This kind of misinformation could have devastating effects for a beginner in the goat industry. Your book on the other hand gave concise accurate information on different options for guard animals. In short, I am very pleased. Thanks for a very well written book that is loaded with useful and practical information

I would suggest that any of you out there thinking about a reference book, THIS IS THE ONE! I have said it before - I WISH this had been around when I started out. The cost of this book is truly priceless - just having to NOT LEARN THE HARD way on one area would more than pay for this several times over... it is a VERY GOOD BOOK - well written, easy to follow and understand, and besides, Ellie is a wealth of information herself. Do yourself, and your goats, a favor - invest a few dollars in their care with this tool.

Ellie has done a service to goat folks with her wealth of knowledge. I have been selling milk and soap for 21 years. Because of some well worded ads that Ellie wrote for me this last year, I have added several retail stores, a retail chain and many dairy men and women who purchase my soap to sell with their products. Her information also gave me an idea to run an ad in a publication I would never have thought to do which ended in Christmas sales double what they were last year with orders of soap. A retail space is now in my future and yes lots of my hard work, but Ellie really was the spark that helped this all along. Her books are full of refreshing ideas that I know I would never have come up with on my own. Ellie's books are also easy on the pocketbook.

By the way Ellie, my husband said that the books I purchased from you were the best books ever. He's really enjoying the section on soap making tonight as we made our first batch of goats milk soap (first batch of any soap) and your hints were what got us through it. He's been reading the whole book and we are better able to handle the next few months (kidding in 5 weeks). Just thought I'd give you some feedback!

Hi Ellie,
Got your book, Making Money with Goats, in today's mail. I had been looking forward to it's arrival with great anticipation. I was not disappointed. Two words, VERY IMPRESSED!!!!
If anyone is even toying with the idea of getting goats, they should read this book. If you don't know the ins and outs of it all after you read it, you never will! Now, armed with my breed decisions, your book and a full veterinary manual, I am well on my way to having a successful herd my first year. The book is worth twice it's price and I will recommend it to anyone who is considering goats for profit or pets. It is definitely a must have!

I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful book. So far I have only read Making Money With Goats, and I learned sooooooo much. There are so many things I learned from your book that I have already implemented since reading it. I have seen a huge difference in the way my hubby and I view what my animals can give us, and ways they can help us to have more. I can't wait until I am done remodeling the kitchen so I can have time to read the other two. Thank you again for a wonderful book.

I love your book. I have read and re-read all of it. It is now one of my best 'reference' books for everything goat!

Just a quick note, i just rcvd my copy yesterday and it's wonderful, easily read and well written and thought out! worth the cost in my humble opinion..

Same here, I have one of her books and it is chuck full of useful information.

Your goat book is more thorough than I could have imagined. Just this past weekend, my yearling ran a really high fever and had diarrhea, and with the help of your book I was able to pick the proper meds for him. This morning his temp was back to normal  again, and who would have thought I would be so excited to see nice solid berries? We're new to the wonderful world of goats, and I have a feeling I'll be referring to your book for many years.

Thank you for listing your books and things. As we live up in the panhandle, learning how to make money from the little place is very important being retired and on a limited income. I am constantly looking for ways to bring in that little bit extra.

I think Ellie's book is the "ultimate" reference manual! All the info you need, is right there at your fingertips!

Ellie's book is one of *THE BEST* out there. It is straight forward, easy to understand, well written, and arranged so anyone can find what they are looking for.

You can spend hours of time and grief getting the 'experience' yourself, or you can have many of your questions answered for just a few dollars and a bit of time reading.

I wish this book had been available to me when I started out as it does address MANY aspects that only time, trial, and error can otherwise reveal.

My friend and I absolutely love your book, I have the 5th edition, that I am going to give to my friend and then I am so looking forward to seeing the 6th edition. I have told everyone about your book. I love the way that is it written in human terms, not all these big huge words that I don't understand. It is so awesome that I can go look up "runny nose" instead of having to read every disease that there ever was that could be a runny nose. I would recommend this book to everyone! I love all the lists that you have in there too, what a great idea!!!

"I just got a copy of this book.. VERY informative--a real find for new or less experienced goat owners. This would be a wonderful gift or prize for a 4-H group or that new goat owner you want to help out." Pat Hendrickson

"Hey, I have this book! It has just about everything you'd ever need to know about goats, and there are a bunch of pull out (how to) sheets in the back that are invaluable for giving to customers who have bought a goat. Lots of good information. Well worth the cost. It's like having the whole internet at my fingertips when I can't be at a computer.

"I have one of her books and it is chuck-full of useful information. I intend to buy the other one as soon as I can."

"Ellie's books are very easy to read, informative and just Plain Outstanding. I really enjoyed reading them plus learned a lot."

"Ellie, As a researcher I wade through a lot of poorly-written material, so it's a pleasure to endorse the good stuff! I look at so much badly written reference material that when I find good stuff, I like to give the writer a pat on the back. Your goat book is crammed with great stuff. People at the lists really need to buy and read it. I'm under contract to write a meat goat book for another publisher. Expect a rave review!" Sue Weaver, (author of Hobby Farms Goats for BowTie Press.)

"I just ordered another copy of your book [Making Money With Goats] for a Christmas gift for our goat 'mentors'. I let them borrow our copy while one of them was laid up from knee surgery, and they really loved it. You should send a message reminding people on the goat  lists that this is a great gift...Just a thought. Thanks for your hard work!"

"I just received my copy of Making Money With Goats this week and it is an excellent book that can easily be shared with goat buyers. A good reference to have in your library."

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