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Living, Working, Enjoying...Beyond the Sidewalk

Beyond the Sidewalk

Self sufficiency expands when your rural business prospers!

Living well beyond the sidewalk is dependent on more than just a piece of land or a small homestead. It takes finding ways to be more self-sufficient, less dependent on an economy that leaves you vulnerable. It’s critical to have a rural business that creates your own independence--insures the future survival of your rural lifestyle.

Small farmers, homesteaders and self-sufficiency fans are pretty creative folk! Whether your rural business is raising livestock, growing local foods, crafting or some other creative venture, sooner or later you‘ll need to sell the extras. Here’s the place to find out how to do that—in plain, clear language that makes it easy to apply.

Marketing is simply the ultimate illustration of serving customers! And at this site you can find out how it’s done. You’ll find tools to maintain and support your rural lifestyle

And for the folks who have, or would like to have, that essential of small farms--the goat-- you’ll find invaluable information in the book “Making Money With Goats” about how they add to your income and self-reliance!

Make your homestead, farm, or rural business thrive! It gives more joy to your life beyond the sidewalk.

Define success for YOUR life beyond the sidewalk Business skill for rural enterprise (books, seminars, DVD’s and CD’s of workshop)

Expert help when you need it (consulting)

Entertainment and inspiration. (fun and useful page)

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Customer Comments:

“Finally, someone has come up with ways to get the self-sufficiency we want from our rural lifestyle”

Ellie... I LOVE your site!!! Lots of great info there. Thanks!

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