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 ~ Consulting Services for Unique Businesses Beyond The Sidewalk ~ 

Beyond The Sidewalk Consulting
I teach small businesses how to catch more customers and plan for success!

When you need effective help with:

Ad campaigns:
        Do you have a new product or service you want to let people know about?
        Need more customers?
        Recognize that you're not reaching your target customer?
        Friday ads not getting any response?

Promotional Materials:
        Web Presentations

Writing Ads for:
        Friday Market
        Magazines, newspaper, radio spot or other media

Writing Press Releases:
        Let the community know what you've got that they need.

Initial 15-minute consultation is free.
Ask about costs.



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Consulting  Examples:

  A brief overview of your website, to assess readability, color, layout and style: $45

  In depth suggestions for copy content, attention to customer orientation, help with PR materials or special projects: $85/hr (A copywriting edit usually takes about 45 minutes for a page with less than 200 words)

  Help in developing a marketing plan (be prepared to lay out some projects for the coming year). About an hour of phone time and a follow-up hour for evaluation: $100

Ellie is also available to talk to your group about business and marketing strategies.
Email her for scheduling and fees.

Comments About Ellie's Consulting Services:

"We have sold seven alpacas since I read your books and did the consulting work with you on website copy changes. That was the end of August, and we exceeded the dollar amount we set as a goal at that time in these last four months. Thank for that ... Thanks, too, for a great and fun day on Saturday. It was wonderful to hear you speaking about things I had read in your books!"

"I always think about you and all the help you have been to me - I had almost 50 doelings (we had quad doelings and 3 sets of triplet doelings) and 12 bucklings born this March and April and I sold down from 21 milkers to 10."

"Using just a few of things you have written - really attitude - of what I have added to my normal flair for marketing, I am sold out. I didn't' get less than $350 for a kid nor less than $400 for a milker, and the last one to go is being sold for $800.

"As others around me are selling out I marketed my animals into the new homes of those who want family milk for this recession/depression we are going into. All with one ad, sort of copied from the soap ad you did for me. I know a lot of my success is because of you!"

"Last fall I wrote to you about my fears regarding moving our farmers' market from a visible but outgrown location to a larger and beautiful but off-the-beaten-path location. We had done all our homework to ensure a smooth transition. Still, many, many nay-sayers continued, right up until the opening bell of the market to express their assurance that no one would find us... that our decision was a fatal one and that we would fail.

"You encouraged our organizing committee to believe in ourselves and the opportunity for success our move represented. AND IT WORKED.

"Our first market day drew over 5,000 people... a new RECORD for us. We are located in a small, rural area... not a city! People came from all over the state and neighboring states too. In addition to TV news coverage, the move also brought an extensive article in the state's largest newspaper and beautiful, huge photos on the front pages of two other papers the day after the market's opening.

"We just wanted to share our good news. The nay-sayers have moved on to new complaints... parking problems! We'll work on it... but that's a GOOD problem to have! Thanks for your support!"

"I am also thinking of new applications as I continue to work on the materials. I work part-time as a chemical dependency counselor with adults and was thinking that some marketing approaches might help touch the heart and lead to some additional motivation, especially with the group we have in treatment now."

Ellie Winslow, Owner
Email: winslowellie@yahoo.com
Beyond The Sidewalk Consulting can help you effectively promote your business. Ellie’s 25 years of marketing and business experience, 30+ years living and working beyond the sidewalk, gets results for YOUR business.
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