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 ~ Seminars and Speaking Engagements ~ 

Catch More Customers - Open the Door to Independence and Success!

Ellie’s seminars and workshops are lively and interesting!

Ellie’s seminars and workshops are lively and entertaining! She guarantees you'll get information that will help YOUR business—immediately.

Whether you’re marketing products, animals or services, these talks are targeted to your needs, your group. These workshop subjects can even be applied to non-farm products of any kind.

Subjects for the Growing Your Rural Business - Marketing Seminars or Workshops:
     (Email Ellie for prices to come talk to your group)

Half-Day Workshop (full 4 hours) Subjects:

Goal setting that make things happen
What gets in the way and how to get rid of it
Learn how to put the customer first—it hooks him
Get a marketing plan that’s fun and works
Write ads that get customers excited: copywriting
How to find new customers.

Afternoon Subjects in Full-Day (full 8 hours) Workshop:

Create a unique Niche that makes you different
How to get Free Publicity
Customer Service –why it’s the essence of marketing
The trick to get better word of mouth
Put Psychology to work in your selling
Covert Persuasion techniques
Use the power of language to get what you want

Ask Ellie about providing a marketing WEBINAR for your group. It can save you transportation and many other expenses.

Email Ellie for other topics to fit your groups, for more information, scheduling and fees.

Ellie Winslow
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Comments by attendees at Ellie's Seminars:

"I’m really serious when I say your few hours of content was one of the best seminars I ever had."

"We thoroughly enjoyed the seminar. We look forward to putting the information you gave us to good use!"

"I really enjoyed today! Well worth the money."

"It was a GREAT day! I did have fun."

"Great seminar"

"I got more info and ideas than I expected."

"All the information was great."

"I can use these tips today to boost my business."

"Wonderful job--great examples."

"I could have listened to you for several more hours! Very, very interesting!"

"I can't wait to use these principles."

"I want to thank you for providing MOPACA with such a high quality seminar on Marketing. I know people were pleased since they were still talking on Sunday about how much they learned and how they were planning to utilize these newly discovered techniques."
Dale Pessin, Education Committee, MOPACA

"You are having a positive influence on folks all over the country... even contemplating trying to do some marketing is a big step forward. I was pretty willing to accept that our farm business was done... period... but you have made a difference in how I interact with clients and folks."

"Interesting, thought provoking. I was half afraid that marketing strategies would put me to sleep...but her approach and ideas were stimulating and quite fun. I was disappointed when the day came to an end."

"Everyone, no matter what their previous marketing experience was, learned something. It really does provide you with the knowledge to go out and market your farm animal the right way."

"I attended one of Ellie's seminars, thinking I wouldn't be interested, or able to learn anything new, as I always considered myself above average in my marketing skills. I found the seminar VERY informative, and not only was it in plain language for the beginner, but she had a lot of useful tips for people who think they know it all! Ellie not only made it enjoyable, but she made you WANT to listen and participate. This wasn't a lecture where you just sit and listen, you actively participate in the discussion!"

"Ellie was very well received. She is the first field day speaker that people came up to me afterwards and thanked me for bringing her to Oklahoma. Everyone that attended her afternoon seminar loved it."

"Ellie, I learned so much from you that I will apply asap to my marketing program. My head is spinning with ideas and am excited to use your techniques."

"One of the best seminars I have attended."

"I need to tell you that for a 7.5 hour seminar, the time just flew. I appreciated a 'real conversation' day."

"Thank you Ellie, for a very helpful and enjoyable workshop! We will enjoy reading your books and employing what we have learned here today."

"I really enjoyed the scripted parts of your presentation on Saturday. I practiced them and the next day closed a deal on trading a breeding for my alpaca herdsire with another quality herdsire. Thanks for the knowledge and savvy!"

"Thanks for an excellent seminar! I am working on how I'll apply what was learned. You are a great teacher and a phenomenal writer.

"I just spent Saturday in your workshop. I was motivated and inspired. I spent last night discussing our farm goals with my family and intend to take another look at our website home page soon. It's my intention to start applying the principles I learned in your workshop right away."

"Ellie, I am fired up!! Your workshop was exactly what I needed. I liked best the "work" time. I actually came home with some ideas I could immediately use."

"We have been looking for marketing and sales ideas. This was exactly what we wanted!"

Click here to read more comments from attendees at Ellie's Seminars.

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