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 ~ DVDs & Audio CDs of Ellie's Seminars and Speaking Engagements ~ 

If you can’t get to an in-person seminar, this is the next best thing! Learn how to sell all those extra animals, products and crafts! Here’s a quick marketing education to help you find the independence and self-sufficiency your small farm or craft business needs. CD’s for audio learners, and DVD’s for visual learners below!

Audio CD Set for the All-day Seminar

Shipping only to addresses in the U.S. For shipping to other countries, email Ellie.

All the CDs: Morning Session of the Marketing Workshop PLUS Afternoon Session ($50 value) all for $45, (+$6 postage).

Subjects covered in 6 CD’s, includes outline and worksheets “just as though you are there”

Morning Subjects:

Goal setting that make things happen
What gets in the way and how to get rid of it
Learn how to put the customer first—it hooks him
Get a marketing plan that’s fun and works
Write ads that get customers excited: copywriting
How to find new customers.

Afternoon Subjects:

Create a unique Niche that makes you different
How to get Free Publicity
Customer Service –why it’s the essence of marketing
The trick to get better word of mouth
Put Psychology to work in your selling
Covert Persuasion techniques
Use the power of language to get what you want


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All-Day Seminar on DVDs

“Growing Your Rural Business”
All-Day Seminar on DVDs*

Almost like being there in person. Live seminar presentation, including audience questions. Same general information as that on the audio CDs (see above).

Contains 4 DVD's, in a safety case and comes with all the handouts.

For Personal Use:

Improve your own marketing efforts!
DVD set for personal use: $75


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Include the marketing trilogy and receive free shipping: $150
Marketing Farm Products
   Growing Your Rural Business
   Economy Proofing Rural Business


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* The DVDs were recorded at an event for alpacas, so many of the examples apply to that industry (animals, fiber) but other examples are included, too, and all the information applies to any rural business or product. This was a live event with no editing.

You may also purchase by check or money order by postal mailing it to:
Ellie Winslow
46393 Hwy 242
Myrtle Point, OR 97458

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Comments from Ellie's Customers:

“I just wanted to drop you a note to say Thank You! I have just finished listening to two of your CD’s and already I feel more energized and actually feel that I want to do some marketing! Over the years I have read other books and publications from other marketers and never felt that inspired to do it on my own. You make it sound so easy and the outline of steps is very helpful. I can't wait to get started. Thanks again and I don't know why it took me so long to find you!"

"I have discovered that there are three ways that people use this valuable material. The first is to attend the workshop, buy the book, and never look at it again. The second is to read quickly, take notes, and talk about the high points like goal setting. The third is to internalize the material. This is a slow process and the only way to do justice to the information you have put together. I am taking the third route.... I am making changes and will get it right."

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